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Effects of Pandemic (COVID 19) over the Universities and Study Abroad Plans

Due to unexpected outbreak that the world has been challenged there is a lot that has been hit by this pandemic situation from regular lifestyle to the world economy. Among many other industries and sectors one of the important systems that has been affected is education. Students who had their exams, who were currently attending their classes, who were supposed to graduate this year and also the aspirants who has admits from the universities and had the plans of starting their classes has been troubled by this pandemic situation.

Universities around the world especially the countries that are known and has top universities in the world like USA, Canada, European Countries, Australia and New Zealand which not only have the domestic students pursuing there but a large number of international students attending and the aspirants has been affected badly because of COVID – 19. So, the universities are tackling the situation at their best by keeping the students interests at center, as this unprecedented challenge will hamper the plans of the students who had planned their higher education and their long-term career plans.

Most universities are assisting the students to make sure their short-term plan of enhancing their knowledge will not affect their long-term plan and their financial plans especially to those students who had taken loan for their higher education, international students who are away from home and have the living expense to be covered as well, so they are dealing with this by continuing their scheduled classes so that the student who had planned to finish their studies in the expected timeline won’t be affected.

They have provided their staff with enough facility to continue the classes through interactive virtual sessions and few professors have requested to take the classes from the classrooms but the students will be attending it digitally, they are also planning to conduct the exams online if the situations continues to be the same. Having a graduation ceremony and receiving the degree in front of their loved ones after years of hard work is a dream for all graduates but due to the lockdown college are unable to conduct the traditional ceremony, also their families won’t be able to attend due to the restriction on the domestic and international travel. So, most of the universities are planning to issue the degrees without any ceremony if the situation does not change in near future.

Aspirants who has offers from the applied universities for Summer/ May – June 2020 intake was deferred for Fall/ August – September 2020 intake as the universities are expecting the situation to become normal by then and has communicated the same on their emails, few universities are also being flexible with the application deadlines and has also suggested to attend the virtual classes for the September 2020 intake until restriction are lifted and later continue the classes on campus, but the current cohort indicates that 45% of those surveyed by QS global survey capturing the response from students over effects of current pandemic situation over their study plans intend to defer their entry by one year and others who took the survey indicate they intend to study in different nation. The survey also shows that despite the outbreak 90% prospective students still intent to pursue higher education and are planning to apply for international study opportunities, the potential drop in student enrolments are to be temporary.

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